Eric and Ernie were left by the side of the road

Submitted by the RSPCA

At Easter, the RSPCA raises awareness of the plight of the abandoned and neglected rabbits in their care.

Across the county, their centers are “overwhelmed” with unwanted rabbits – no one showing up to offer them homes.

A branch in Kent hopes to find forever homes for five rabbits they rescued from terrible conditions, as well as nine rabbits who were abandoned in cages on New Year’s Eve.

Becky Blakemore, of the RSPCA Kent North West Branch, said: “We have seen an influx of rabbits into the branch’s care over the past few months and we are really keen to find loving homes for them.

“Unfortunately, these buns had a terrible start in life, but they all deserve their second chance at happiness now.”

Kent rabbits should be rehomed with their friends or adopted into a family with an existing friendly rabbit.

They will need a large enclosure with a run attached so they have plenty of room to run around and explore.

  • Rosie is a five-month-old dwarf cross rabbit who was only a few weeks old when she was abandoned. She is looking to be relocated with a friendly male bun or could be relocated with one of her sisters Roxy and Romy.
  • Harvey, the father of the little group, is a one-year-old Netherland Dwarf type rabbit, who is looking to be rehomed with a friendly female. He is a little nervous but is gaining confidence every day.
  • Eric and Ernie are two bonded male buns looking for a home together. The couple are a little wary of people but love to run and play together.
  • Dave is placed in foster care in Folkestone until he finds his new home with a sterilized rabbit. He is a confident bunny who loves to run around and play with toys.
  • Two-year-old ginger and gray rabbit Ginger is also looking for a home with an existing friendly female that he can bond with. Ginger will happily climb into your lap and eat treats out of your hand.
  • Betty and Bonnie were rescued by the RSPCA along with three other rabbits. Betty is missing an ear and Bonnie a tail, but they are otherwise very healthy and ready for their forever home.
  • Mina, Ash and Johnny are a litter of kittens from a rabbit named Flopsy, who had two litters after a breeding situation got out of control. The RSPCA rescued two rabbits and ended up with 11! They are now four months old, very friendly and ready to find their forever home.


To see details about rabbits in your area looking for their forever homes, visit here.

For more information and assistance with neutering rabbits, contact your local RSPCA branches in Birchington, Canterbury, Folkestone, Ashford, Tonbridge, Chatham and Dartford.

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