SAN ANGELO, TX – Everything is bigger in Texas. Especially the number of legendary artists who have come out of it. However, there is something special about a band named, Dirty South Riderz (DSR), made up of artists Big Tuck, Tum Tum, lil Ronnie 5’3 and Fat B, that is causing the expectation of a large crowd in the town of San Angelo. .

In the 2000s, music was heavily influenced by a subculture that producers and recording artists, like Goodie Mob and David Banner, called “Dirty South Music”. This “Dirty South” music concept gained momentum with the help of large companies in the music industry, who pushed the concept into a wider and more popular culture.

This genre then spilled over into several states, including Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia. The excitement of this group returning to town after 3 years brings a nostalgic feeling to most of those who have been influenced and indulged in the subculture. Local businesses, Really Rixh Ent. (Really Rich) and (TTG) Taught to Grind Records LLC saw the opportunity to bring excitement back to the city and local businesses of San Angelo.

Sponsors for the event include Smoothie Gains, The Shoeboxz, Retro Image, Jalapeño Locos and 106.1 MDX. The opening for the show is independent artist, EJ Rhodes, who is originally from Arkansas and is well known for his R&B music, but also has a variety of styles in his catalog. Dru $ tar, local artist and label co-owner Really Rixh Ent, has his hit single, “Yea Yea” airing on iHeart Radio and currently airing on 106.1 MDX, will also host a show for his hometown of San Angelo.

The DSR Réunion show will be a concert not to be missed. The performance takes place this Saturday July 3 @ Club El Patron. Join the festivities and grab that nostalgic ‘Dirty South’ sound. Tickets are available on until the day of the concert and will be available at the door.

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