The multifaceted musical company Lucky Ent. adds another division before Christmas – an NFT company which it calls Lucky NFT.

It is a specialist agency focused on creating and delivering sustainable NFT projects that build brands and forge stronger bonds with their communities.

“We will offer our clients different levels of support ranging from stand-alone workshops to conceptualize their project to an end-to-end partnership starting with ideation and including things like launch strategy, blockchain deployment and community management to name a few, “Lucky NFT CEO Theo Kanellopoulos said TMN.

The company is also launching its own projects, partnering with the other 20 divisions of Lucky Ent.

These include artist management, several record companies (star clients: Masked Wolf, Will Sparks and Tyron Hapi), a booking agency, 200 events per year, including Ultra and Good Things, venues (Billboard in Melbourne) , design and creation services and investments.

In August RTM reported that Lucky Ent. and Teamwrk Records have set up DistroWrk, a new distribution platform that allows artists to keep 100% of their rights and royalties.

As to whether there is a huge market in Australia for a virtual group, Kanellopoulos said, “Considering what we’ve just been through with COVID, every act has basically been a virtual group.

“I see a future where you can choose to go see a concert in real life or just jump into the metaverse and see that same concert from your house as if you were there.

“I don’t think there is a big market yet for this exact example, but people have always been looking for escape and new experiences, so we won’t be too far off. “

Lucky NFT will initially focus on music and events, with plans to expand its reach to serve brands, celebrities and athletes in the future.

“We hope to speak with some of the bigger leagues very soon to help them understand the possibilities,” Kanellopoulos revealed.

There isn’t a lot of public NFT activity in Australian sports at the moment.

However, he said, “I imagine they have seen the success of Best shot in the NBA among others and are very interested in how they can market their own offer.

Lucky NFT is NFT MEL, an event in Melbourne to show how the physical and the digital coexist for those interested in entering the space as a creator, collector or collaborator.

It is designed for those wanting to learn more about NFTs for the first time, and for those looking to challenge their thinking and push the boundaries of the art of the possible for NFTs.

Kanellopoulos predicts enormous growth potential in the Australian market.

“We have a talented group with very complementary skills and backgrounds,” he explains.

“We believe we can deploy all of these aspects in a specialized service through Lucky NFT to support the industry we love so much to get even closer to their fans and unlock unprecedented opportunities globally.”