Handmade carpentry format: good with wood

UK distributor Magnify Media, owned by Plimsoll Productions, brings factual entertainment, history, the natural world, arts and scripted formats and series to MipTV next week.

In the factual entertainment category, three seasons of the woodworking format Handmade: Good with Wood (22×60′), produced by Plimsoll Productions for Channel 4 in the UK.

Also produced for the UK, for BBC Two, is the cooking show Marcus Wareing’s Tales from a Kitchen Garden (10×30′, Plimsoll Productions) and three seasons of Mountain Vets (18×30/60′, Rare TV) .

For BBC Two and BBC One, two seasons of Plimsoll Productions’ My Unique B&B (30×45/30′).

On the Norwegian side, the docu-series Ice Cowboys (6×40′) from TV2 are also on the programme. Produced by Maverix, the show follows sled dog racers in Alaska.

In the historic space are BBC Two’s Thatcher & Reagan: The Special Relationship (2×50′) and The Real Peaky Blinders (2×60′), both produced by Plimsoll Productions. For Channel 4, two seasons of Britain by the Beach (8×50′), also from Plimsoll Productions.

On the list of natural world documentaries are Plimsoll Productions’ upcoming film Queer Planet (1×120′) and Ocean Souls Films documentary Ocean Souls (1×60′), which explores the lives of cetaceans.

Also in the natural world, PBS in My Garden of a Thousand Bees in the USA (1×60′, Passion Planet) and NRK in Plastic Fjords in Norway (1×60′, Pandora Film AS), which highlights the plastic waste problem norwegian fjords.

In the arts space, three films by Seventh Art Productions for theatrical release: The Danish Collector: Delacroix to Gauguin (1×50′) which questions Impressionist art; Sunflowers (1×50′) which presents a series of paintings by Vincent van Gogh; and Easter in Art (1×90/50′) on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Finally, Magnify Media’s scripted programming includes two seasons of the drama series Mental (20×22′) by Blacksheep Films for France TV, about four troubled teenagers and their journey in a psychiatric ward.

In Norway, there are five seasons of TV2’s Heartbeats (60×10′, ANTI), about two young people who get pregnant after a one-night stand, and two seasons of NRK’s ​​Norwegian-ish (15×25/40 ‘), which follows three young adults with roots in four cultures as they attempt to navigate through adulthood.