A thug who pounced on a police dog with a zombie knife before fleeing and being caught by armed officers has been jailed.

Reece Armstrong, 26, told an officer ‘I’m going to kill your dog’ when they responded to an incident in Folkestone.

Armstrong on the run from police before his arrest in Folkestone

After swinging the blade and grabbing the dog’s collar, Armstrong fled but was located by gun patrols downtown five days later.

He again tried to flee but was caught using a police drone and detained.

He is currently serving a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of possession of an offensive weapon in a public place, assault on a rescue worker and fear of violence.

Armstrong’s “totally heinous behavior” began the afternoon of March 23 when police responded to reports of an altercation between two men in Endrook Valley.

Reece Armstrong was imprisoned

An officer attended the scene with a police dog named Blue and approached Armstrong around 4:20 p.m.

After initially interacting well, his mood changed and he wielded a large zombie knife from his hoodie.

He became very aggressive and walked towards the officer and Blue, threatening to kill the animal.

Fearing for his safety and that of Blue, the officer yelled at Armstrong to stop and back off. He ignored orders and swung the knife at Blue, the blade catching his collar.

Armstrong then fled. Fortunately, Blue was not injured.

Armstrong pounced on a police dog with a knife
Armstrong pounced on a police dog with a knife

He was arrested a few days later following the use of a police drone to track his movements through the city.

After his arrest, officers located the zombie knife he used during his attack on Blue.

After being questioned in police custody and charged in connection with the offenses committed, Armstrong was immediately recalled to prison for violating the terms of his license as part of a separate conviction.

He was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court today.

PC Investigator Sophia Lateu said: “Armstrong’s behavior was utterly heinous; PD Blue and his handler were extremely lucky to be able to emerge from this incident unscathed.

“Every day, our agents have to deal with unpredictable, difficult and sometimes volatile situations. However, like any other job, agents must be able to fulfill their role without being subjected to such disgusting and potentially dangerous actions.

“Any assault on police officers, staff or our police dogs is completely unacceptable, and we will not hesitate to prosecute those who put their safety and that of other rescuers at risk.”