Drivers are expressing their fury after a ‘huge pothole filled with water’ destroyed many cars.

A total of five conductors broke down at the same time after hitting the 3ft hole on Hythe Hill near Pedlinge, Hythe.

Holly Karimi’s car was damaged after hitting the pothole

Streams of frustrated drivers expressed their anger and posted photos of their damaged vehicles on Facebook today.

Holly Karimi told KentOnline that her steering got stuck during this morning’s “scary” ordeal.

“I was driving my boyfriend home from a trip, and I turned the corner and my car went ‘bang’ through the pothole,” she said.

“As I was leaving the junction, a minute after the pothole incident, my steering wheel seized up and I had to stop in the middle of the road.

Someone show the depth of the pothole
Someone show the depth of the pothole

“My power steering was destroyed, my alloy wheel was dented and the tire damaged.”

Miss Karimi added that around four other motorists appeared to have broken down at the scene this morning, with the damage expected to cost her more than £120.

And the University of Kent student considers herself “lucky” that the accident “wasn’t worse”.

“It was scary because I’m just a young girl,” she said.

“I’m also autistic so I was really lucky that my boyfriend, who loves mechanics, was there to calm me down otherwise I would have really freaked out.

“I’m lucky it’s not a worse result.”

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The pothole on Hythe Hill damaged a number of cars

Melody Milton added: “It happened to me last night so I share your frustration.”

Sean O’Callaghan continued: ‘It’s still not settled yet?

“I was one of many cars this happened to on Sunday January 9. I was given a claim form and reference number.”

Other motorists posted photos of flat tires, allegedly caused by damage sustained on the same stretch of road.

Nick Mooney spoke about his fears for bikers.

“If it’s such a danger, call the police to have that part of the road closed. Someone on a motorbike could be killed if they thought it was just a puddle,” he said.

The damage done to Holly Karimi's wheel
The damage done to Holly Karimi’s wheel

And Christine Wilson told how her car “really shook” before it broke down.

“I drove through a huge pothole filled with water coming from Hythe towards Ashford on the A261, just before the junction. It destroyed both of my tyres.

“I couldn’t avoid it because the road was too narrow to deviate to avoid oncoming traffic.

“I’m having my steering, suspension, etc. checked because my car shook really badly when I hit it,” she said.

Kent County Council has been approached for comment.

The Kent Highways website says it deals with dangerous faults within two hours and safety hazards within a week.

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