The McConnell-Sununu Exposed statewide tour stopped in Dover on Thursday afternoon and local Democratic Party leaders have expressed concerns that the governor will be courted to run for the United States Senate next year .

Governor Chris Sununu has not announced a candidacy against U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan, D-NH, but the Republican Party’s national leadership is pressuring him to run against her so they can regain control of the Senate in 2023.

In Dover on Thursday, Strafford County Democrats’ Chairman said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had done all he could to push Sununu into the race, including orchestrating millions of dollars in bogus advertisements.

“For McConnell, recruiting Sununu to run is all about power – plain and simple. Raw, special interest protection, Washington-status-quo-preserve power – for Mitch, not for New Hampshire, ”said Walter King.

King has said Sununu has repeatedly claimed he doesn’t want to be a U.S. Senator, but it looks like he might fall in love with McConnell’s power play.

“Our message is clear: McConnell’s very public heart to Sununu has nothing to do with what’s best for New Hampshire. McConnell knows Sununu would be another buffer for his agenda and is his ticket to regain power. in Washington, ”King said.

State Senator David Watters, D-Dover, said Sununu has repeatedly and vocally supported McConnell’s political agenda.

“Throughout his tenure as governor, Sununu has been a staunch ally of the McConnell agenda. Time and time again, he has put the McConnell agenda ahead of the interests of the Granite Staters. That’s why McConnell wants him by his side in the Senate, “Watters said.

Watters said that for the past five years, Sununu has supported McConnell’s efforts to raise taxes for middle-class families and cut access to health care.

Local activist Luz Bay spoke about McConnell and Sununu’s positions on women’s rights to make their own health care decisions.

“In June, Sununu passed a budget that would ban abortion without exception for rape, incest, or fatal fetal abnormality and threaten basic health care – including cancer screenings and blood tests. STD screening – for Granite Staters. As a triple breast cancer survivor, this one is particularly personal to me, “Bay said.

Political bystanders say Sununu’s decision to pass the two-year, $ 13.5 billion state budget with the Fetal Life Protection Act could be problematic if he decides to run against Hassan .

On July 1, Democratic leaders gathered in Portsmouth for a press conference in which they discussed what they called Sununu’s “extreme and anti-choice budget”.

How do the candidates compare to each other?

A University of New Hampshire survey center survey released Thursday revealed that Sununu is ahead of Hassan by just one percentage point when voters were asked who they would support the US Senate. Sununu received 49 percent of the support of potential voters, while Hassan had 48 percent.

The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

Poll preparers said the 2022 New Hampshire Senate race “could be a barn burner.”

Pollsters also looked at a confrontation between Hassan and former US Senator Kelly Ayotte, R-NH.

They found that 49% of people taking the poll from the polling center would support Hassan while 45% would vote for Ayotte.

Ayotte was a United States Senator from 2011 to 2017. She was Attorney General of New Hampshire from 2004 to 2009.

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