The residents of GREEN-FINGERED are heartbroken after a gang of terrorizing vandals wreak havoc on a housing estate, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Rowhedge housing estates, in Fingringhoe Road, Colchester, were targeted for the second time in ten days on Monday night by a group of thugs.

The next morning, plot owners were faced with overturned sheds, broken greenhouses, broken fences and gates, and smashed windows.

The senseless attack also saw sheds go up in flames after being set on fire, something the vandals also reveled in doing during their first rampage earlier this month.

On both occasions, firefighters had to rush to the scene in order to prevent the infernos from spreading and causing further damage.

A spokesperson for the Essex Fire Service, which sent two crews from Colchester on Monday, said: ‘A shed, measuring approximately six square metres, on a housing estate, was on fire.

“The fire at 9:05 p.m. and the cause could not be determined.”

Although not all of the Rowhedge Allotments plots were damaged in the two ambushes, the mood of the entire village gardening community was affected.

A Rowhedge Allotments spokesperson said: ‘The damage was the worst we have ever suffered.

“Such was the extent of the damage, some plot owners were in tears and extremely traumatized – some are unlikely to return after seeing the damage which jeopardizes the future of the site.

“We have all worked so hard to improve the community housing site over the past few years and this is a major setback that we may struggle to recover from.

“Over the past few years it has really supported part of the local community with social and mental health issues during the pandemic.

“If anyone has any information please contact Colchester Police as the culprits really need to be identified as soon as possible.”

Determined not to be harassed by the young thugs responsible for the carnage of the housing estate, the gardeners have now set out to find them.

One of the owners of the land is even now offering a cash reward to anyone who might have information about those responsible for the vandalism.


Adam Fox, Colchester councilor for Old Heath and The Hythe, and parish councilor for East Donyland, said he was shocked by the destruction in the village.

“It’s really devastating for these people who spend so much time trying to put in a housing estate and it’s just senseless vandalism,” he added.

“These people don’t care about their neighbors and obviously they need to be caught, but we also need to make sure the youngsters have better things to do.

“It’s also concerning when firefighters have to be called out for things like this, as it means they’re potentially being called away from a more serious incident.

“If these vandals weren’t doing this stuff, we wouldn’t have to waste firefighter resources.”

Essex Police are now appealing for information.

A spokesperson said: “We were made aware of a fire at Rowhedge Allotments, Fingringhoe Road, Colchester at approximately 8.30pm on Monday 21st March.

“Colleagues of firefighters intervened and extinguished the fire.

“The fire, believed to have been started deliberately, has been reported to have caused damage to a hangar.

“Anyone who has seen anything should call 101 quoting 42/72427/22.”