Written by Regional Ambassador Terry Sutton

Floral vandals: In rotten weather two weeks ago, a team of volunteers from the Rotary Club of Dover spent hours planting flowering plants in the Gardens of Granville, Dover, to help beautify the city.

They were delighted to receive many compliments for their efforts from the users of the Seaside Gardens.

But now they have found out that vandals have uprooted many plants. They hope the CCTV cameras can identify the culprits.

Dave Smith, one of the heads of the planting team, thanked Gillian and David Roberts who spent time replanting some of the plucked flowers.

The vandalism gave rise to a series of messages, on social networks, condemning the stupidity of those responsible.

Victorian botanist: The time when one of the UK’s best botanists lived in Dover is described in the latest Dover Society newsletter.

Deborah Gasking researched the life of Anne Pratt who lived at 39 Castle Street for 17 years, moving to the city for health reasons in 1849.

Deborah writes:

Now virtually unknown, Miss Pratt remains an important Victorian illustrator, naturalist and popularizer of science. Her book Wild Flowers made such a strong impression on Queen Victoria that she gave the royal order to receive all of Anne’s subsequent publications. . “

Other articles in the newsletter include memorabilia from old Dover, details of a typhoid outbreak at Fort Burgoyne and why a stone in the recently opened Clock Square on the seafront is reminiscent of a monarch landing at Dover. English restored.

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