Alex Flisher has already been told he will need a knee replacement in the coming years but that won’t stop him from giving his all for the new club Sittingbourne.

Flisher, 29, brings total commitment and is no shortage of quality, as Brickies fans will see in the coming months after his arrival from his Kent rivals Hythe.

Alex Flisher in action for Hythe against Sittingbourne in the 2019/20 season Photo: Paul Amos

It’s a great signing for manager Darren Blackburn, with the added benefit that he can play in so many positions.

The forward joins Sittingbourne, where he joins his brother Sam, after recovering from his latest knee injury.

Unlike the first two serious injuries, which came in games at Maidstone and Margate, this one happened on the job and meant he missed the first few months of the Isthmian South East season.

Flisher, a carpenter, said: “I was sitting at work under a roof awning doing something and as I twisted to stand up I felt the knee burst, and it was my good. knee.

“I thought maybe I just shook him, but I woke up the next day and it was worse.

“I went to the guy who did my two knee surgeries and it turned out that I had torn my medial ligament while standing and there was a little tear in my cartilage.

“He told me to allow a few weeks for the medial ligament to heal and I had a gel injection that lubricates the knee and fills the cracks.

“When I went back for a CT scan the medial ligament was fine and he said it would help with the cartilage so my knee is as normal as it gets.

“He already said I will need a knee replacement when I’m older, guaranteed, because of my other knee.

“I’m happy to keep playing for as long as I can.

“I discussed it with George (female) and said if I had another serious injury, I would call it someday.

“I can’t keep having injections and surgeries every 18 months to keep playing football, but I’ll try all the time, I’m relatively fit.”

Brickies boss Darren Blackburn Photo: Ken Medwyn
Brickies boss Darren Blackburn Photo: Ken Medwyn

As a teenager, Flisher played with Brickies boss Blackburn at Hollands & Blair, helping out in a few preseason games, before making a name for himself at Maidstone.

Blackburn was eager to move when it became clear he would be leaving Hythe and asked former Cannons boss Steve Watt to drop a note.

There was interest from Phoenix Sports as well, but Sittingbourne was a good choice.

“I left Hythe because of the budget cut, then Watty said Darren asked about me,” Flisher said.

“I spoke to Phoenix as well, and the manager said they were signing a bunch of new players, but they’re down there and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go do it and fight week after week out, to try. to stay upright.

“I know the boys from Sittingbourne better, and Sam’s over there, it’s closer to my home, so it was a pretty easy decision.

“It was my first game on Saturday (0-0 against Ramsgate) and I was really impressed with the way they play and the players they have there.

“When everyone is in good shape, it’s a very good team.

“They play a three-way forward behind just one striker and I told Darren I can play any of those four positions, but he also knows he can play me left-back or in the middle. field, if necessary. “

Sittingbourne, eighth from the southeast of the Isthmus, visits troubled Lancing this Saturday.