A party animal left permanent scars on a woman after seeing her full in the face in a crowded bar.

Jack Nicholl, 24, launched the missile at a rival at Folkestone’s Skuba Bar and Bistro on New Years Eve in 2019, following an argument.

Jack nicholl

But he missed and landed in front of party girl Jane Richards, slicing through the skin under her right eye and leaving her with stitches.

The father-of-one was given a suspended sentence this week at Canterbury Crown Court after pleading guilty to unlawful injuries on the day of trial.

Prosecutors have recounted how Nicholl, in a fit of rage, caused his victim the 3cm-long wound.

“Mr. Nicholl got angry during an altercation with another man.

“This man slapped Mr. Nicholl in the face, subsequently Mr. Nicholl threw a drink at this man and unfortunately he hit a lady who frequented this pub, Jane Richards.

“This glass hit her under the right eye and it immediately started to bleed,” said prosecutor Jessica Ward.

The court heard Ms Richards had been rushed to a nearby hospital and treated with stitches, her mental health would suffer immediately after the incident.

She suffered from depression and, for a short time, feared leaving her home due to concerns about her appearance, the court said.

She would also suffer from paranoia, anxiety and sleepless nights but would avoid lasting consequences.

Nicholl, flanked by two dock officers, wept while Emin Kandola, attenuating, pleaded his case.

Now alone to take care of her baby, Nicholl had enrolled in a college course and had cleaned up his act since the attack, she explained.

Skuba Bar and Bistro in Folkestone
Skuba Bar and Bistro in Folkestone

“His exact words to me were ‘I’m not that person anymore, I feel horrible and disgusted by my behavior.’

“He is extremely sorry,” she continued.

Handing out a twelve-month suspended two-year sentence, Recorder Judge Malcolm Gibney said the victim will remember New Years Eve 2019 “for all the wrong reasons.”

“You threw a drink across the bar, hitting her in the face,” he said.

But he praised Nicholl for taking on the role of sole caretaker of his baby and entering higher education, before giving him a chance to provide for the child instead of immediate custody.

“Thank you, seriously thank you,” said Nicholl, visibly distressed, as the sentence was passed.

Nicholl, of Cheriton High Street, Folkestone, who has had no problems since the incident, will be required to complete 30 days of rehab activity and 80 hours of unpaid work.