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Bsrney Curley: The Legendary Character Has Delivered Memorable Quotes Over The Years

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)

UPDATE AT 12:40 PM, MAY 24, 2021

“I would think it would be split 50-50. You would have people saying on the one hand, ‘Isn’t he great?’ And you would have 50% of people saying, “He’s a bandit.” “
Curley tells Nick Luck how he thinks the racing public perceives him

“The baron sent me a little guy – a good jockey called René – and he was riding Manduro. I said to him, ‘How is he? “Good, yeah”. “How good do you think he is, René?” He said, “He’s too good for you.” A good insult. He has never been beaten. He went back to see Fabre. It struck me, should I run this horse in Cambridgeshire? He had a grade of 92 or 93. But I thought to myself, better let the baron know.
The story of how Curley briefly trained future World Champion Manduro for Baron Georg von Ullman

“No one is going to win that much in horse racing this century.”
Speaking the year after his 2010 coup

“If God had asked me which one to support, I would have said, ‘Back Sommersturm’ – but he never lifted the gallop.”
Curley on Sommersturm, the 1-3 defeated favorite at Wolverhampton who prevented a quadruple in the 2010 coup

“You’re a joke and he too, he doesn’t know anything about the race. Good man? He was an underachiever and doesn’t know anything. It’s just the show’s over boys. Thank you very much.”
Curley signs after a tumultuous meeting with ATR presenters John McCririck and Luke Harvey in Folkestone in 2005

“ Someone made it clear to him what John was saying and he stormed out ”

“The press is picking up Yellow Sam, they’re picking up 2010, but they never picked up on the others. I remember getting a good touch one day at Market Rasen, I think it was a horse called Health And Happiness, 14- 1 or something. I had a good tickle. I think the late Henry Oliver was tickled in the same race. But I planned it. People would watch you then what I did, that is that I got on a plane and landed at Thurles racetrack. I think they were doing something there and I made sure I was well seen at Thurles racetrack. “
Curley tells Nick Luck about a bet that has not been reported in the press

“It comes from the bottom of my heart. I’m serious about it – I don’t want to talk about it. I have a reason for saying this because it’s a distraction from what I’m trying to do. [with Direct Aid For Africa]. It’s over now, we did it – it was very satisfying. Hope this does some good. I am a retired racehorse trainer. I’m not really a retired owner – I have a few young horses. It was very hard but I received two letters which I kept – I am satisfied with that. “
Curley reflects on the 2014 coup

“It was a man’s brain against the bookies. I had baffled the system and taken advantage of unique circumstances. If they could, the bookmakers would have driven the price of this horse.
Quote from Nick Townsend’s book The Sure Thing on the Yellow Sam Coup

“When that happened, I just talked to myself and I wasn’t a very nice human being. All I did was think about myself. Me, me, and me. hurt a lot of people. I just thought after that, I have to change. And I have to go apologize to all these people. “
Curley on the impact of his son’s death in a car crash in 1995

“Running has never given me that happiness, that peace of mind that it gives me.”
Curley on his charitable work with Direct Aid For Africa

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)

“title =” Barney Curley at Umukolamfula Children’s Center, Ndola “class =” js-imageLoader “data-at-xn =” https://www.rp-assets.com/images/news/2021/05/04/ 92088-medium.jpeg “data-br-n =” /wp-content/uploads/2021/05/1621857816_20_No-one-is-going-to-win-that-much-in-horse.jpeg “data-br-m =” https: //www.rp-assets.com/images/news/2021/05/04/92088-large.jpeg “data-br-w =” https://www.rp-assets.com/images/news/2021 /05/04/92088-large.jpeg “data-br-xw =” https://www.rp-assets.com/images/news/2021/05/04/92088-large.jpeg “onclick =” return false; “>
Barney Curley at Umukolamfula Children's Center, Ndola

Barney Curley at Umukolamfula Children’s Center, Ndola

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)

“If you go to the bank every Wednesday and pull out a big bundle of money and you always come home the same way.” Someone will steal from you. You have to change your plans.
Curley explains how he was able to execute multiple coups with multiple runners

“I didn’t want owners because the owners wouldn’t match my plans. The owners were prospects. You can’t very well tell lies to people face-to-face. Owners are inclined, if you have a rider at three, they Call you at half 12 – “How’s my horse Barney?” Are you going to work it out soon? ”Then you would get -“ How will that horse of yours run in 2.30? ”And that would always betray him.”
On why he had to remain a one-man band

“I have to say I was never afraid of anything. If someone challenged me I would say I could, there is always a way.”
More wisdom from Curley on his positive attitude

“I would advise anyone who sees this happening again to ignore it or open a trade account and throw the horses out because I can guarantee you, anyway from my point of view there is no more. quadruple, that’s it, retiree. “
Curley insists he is no longer in the racing business at a preview party in Cheltenham in Galway in March 2016

“There’s no way I’m going back to racing this time. It takes a lot of work, you don’t realize how much it takes to organize these things, it’s amazing work. I just don’t have it. I’m pretty happy with it. ‘going to Africa is my life now, running is behind me. I enjoyed running while I was there, but I think I had a great privilege to be able to do what I do and I have the health to do it. “
Curley at Galway Party Explaining Why There Will Be No More Coups

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