Only Fools and Horses star Sue Holderness waited more than five hours for an RAC recovery vehicle to arrive after spotting a flat tire. She took to her Twitter in the early hours of today to share her ordeal.

Sue had left the Marlowe Theater at 9.30pm and by the time she posted her first tweet she had been waiting three hours for the RAC to “rescue” her. The actress played the mystery guest in the Hamish McColl, Sean Foley and Eddie Braben-written comedy The Play What I Wrote.

Just before 1 a.m., she tweeted, “Will I ever be rescued? Could someone at least contact me with a possible time? Another passed without a word.” Sue said she was worried about her safety and responded to one of her fans by saying “It doesn’t seem safe at all. But I’m in the car with the doors locked. I hope.. .four and a half hours and still no sign of the RAC”.

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After the five-hour mark, the 73-year-old was still waiting in her car with “no sign” of RAC. “Not good enough. It’s 2:40 in the morning and I’m a single woman,” she said.

Her tweet received over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments, with some sharing their own stories. One said: “A few years ago my girlfriend was lonely overnight due to RAC. She had to stay in a ward because no one could save her. Shameful ward.”

Another added: “My dad and his wife sat on the highway for seven and a half hours last night for RAC.”

One user said: “They were so bad at rescuing me when I broke down. It took 14 hours and 4 tow trucks to get me back after a two hour trip after a breakdown.”

At 2.21pm today, Sue confirmed she was back home.

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