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Submitted to the Folkestone Herald

The Gurkha Memorial Fund helped equip the new Nepalese community center in Folkestone in the Cheriton Library building.

The facility will support members of the Nepalese community who made Kent their first home when the Gurkhas first arrived in the county two decades ago.

It aims to provide computer facilities and a program of volunteer-led activities to the Nepalese community, Gurkha veterans and families of serving soldiers based in Shorncliffe.

The center will also be available to the local community at large, providing an opportunity to build relationships, enhance understanding of Nepalese culture and increase integration..

Members of the Gurkha Memorial Fund were delighted to support the project and provide essential equipment, including 11 new computers, tables and chairs for the IT suite.

President Dhan Gurung said, “I am happy and proud that we have supported my own Folkestone, Gurkha and Nepalese community.

“We are delighted to have been able to help the future prospects of residents with this facility and it will bring many benefits in the IT aspects and we are confident that it will contribute to future educational needs and employment prospects. “


Dhan Gurung would like to thank all the friends and supporters of the Gurkha Memorial Fund UK and Nepal who continue to support their projects in this country and abroad.

The association has supported several IT centers in Nepal and recently provided vital funds and equipment in the context of the Covid crisis.

Here they continue to support those in need in the Folkestone district with food and clothing, and hold their memorial service every year in the town.

To donate to the Gurkha Memorial Fund, go here, send an email [email protected] or call 07968290352.

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