Controversial presenter Piers Morgan has slammed the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 as a ‘rigged farce’ after the UK was pushed into second place in the event. Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra won thanks to massive public support.

With the vote split into two parts, Briton Sam Ryder was in the lead after the first half of judging which was carried out by juries from each country. However, the second half of the vote – this time from a public vote – saw Ukraine claim victory.

But writing on Twitter, the TalkTV presenter called the victory a “vote of sympathy” following the country’s struggle against its Russian invaders. And he said the outcome of the singing competition “should not be determined by which countries are suffering the most at any given time”, reports The Mirror.

Ukraine, with its Stefania track, had been favorites from the start, before the final in Turin, Italy. Following the jury vote, the United Kingdom had 283 points, followed by Sweden with 258. Ukraine were a distant second in fourth place with 192 points.

But ultimately, the Ukrainian band clinched the top spot once the public votes rolled in, propelling them to the top of the list with 631 points. The United Kingdom was in second place with 466.

Piers Morgan

Amid Ukraine’s devastation following the ongoing conflict with Russia, which resulted in Russia being banned from the annual singing competition, the country’s victory was particularly poignant.

Accepting the award, the band said, “Thank you very much. Thank you for supporting Ukraine. This win is for every Ukrainian!”

Kalush was tipped to win early in the competition and wowed voters with his song Stefania, which was written about frontman Oleh Psyuk’s mother.

But after the result, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to complain about the win. When a Twitter user then challenged Piers on his review of Eurovision, suggesting that the broadcaster would rather we “just put all the songs into a computer and it calculates which one is ‘the best'”.

Piers replied, “No, I don’t know. But nobody who voted for Ukraine thought it was the best song because it was obviously far from the best. Even Ukrainians don’t think it was the best song…

“They got the sympathy vote, which is fine as long as we remove the word ‘contest’ from Eurovision.” He added in a separate tweet: “The world’s most absurd, pointless and politically motivated ‘competition’ outwits itself.

“Ukraine could have sent one of its heroic bomb-sniffing dogs to bark the national anthem and still win. Happy for them, but please stop calling Eurovision a contest… it’s a rigged prank.”

Continuing his criticism, Piers added, “The outcome of an international singing ‘contest’ should not be determined by which countries are suffering the most at the time of the ‘contest’, otherwise there is no point in holding a contest. .”

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