DOVER, Kan. (WIBW) – This week, Fork in the Road is taking a nice drive south on the K-4 highway to see what “the best coffee in Dover” has on the menu.

The Sommerset Café is located at 5701 SW Douglas Rd., and was built in the late 1890s as a general store, which operated for approximately 50 years.

“In the late 80s they started a restaurant business and luckily we got to own it last year,” said Café co-owner Casey Bolze.

What keeps customers coming back for about four decades? Well, the specials do, of course.

“We do daily specials, and they’re different every day and it’s food that you don’t just make at home,” co-owner Tressa Green said.

“Well, we did the special last weekend,” said loyal customer Ann-Marie Bevel. “I think you probably can’t go wrong with the pulled pork sandwich. That was delicious.”

“The pancakes,” said Paul Post. “The pancakes.”

When asked what made them so good, he noted the size.

“Portions of French toast are large, portions of pancakes are large. You don’t leave here hungry, that’s for sure,” Green said.

With all the delicious meals on the menu, dessert cannot be forgotten when visiting Sommerset Café.

Once awarded “America’s Best Pie”, Angela Williams must push to keep the tradition alive.

“It would keep me awake at night,” said Williams, the baker. “I wanted to make a good pie and we have a few people who come in and swear by it. I’m just glad people still like it, people still hang out.

When asked what the cafe’s slogan might be, customers replied, “The best in Dover!”

“Dover is the best, they’ll say,” Green noted. “The best of Dover. It’s the only one.”

The Sommerset Café is on the corner of 57th and Douglas Rd. in Dover. They are open for breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Saturday and have a chicken dinner on Friday nights.

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