Lanswood Limited’s proposals to build a new eight-story accommodation block on land behind the Colchester Center on Hawkins Road are expected to be approved by the planning committee.

In addition to the 282 rooms, the plans include a café, meeting space, garbage store, bicycle storage, laundry facilities, reception, technical rooms and parking for 34 cars.

The plans, originally submitted in 2019, were revised by the applicant last year after discussions with the Colchester Council on the designs.

A report, to be presented to the Colchester Council planning committee, says: “The project would use vacant land sustainably located near key facilities including shops and transport hubs. It is within walking distance. up to university.

“The program contributes to the supply of land in the municipality and will meet the ever-growing demand for student accommodation.

“Following negotiations, the scheme has been extensively reworked to reduce the weight and improve the overall composition.

“While it is accepted that this is a large building in the background, much of the proposed block will be visually filtered by the level change to the north and other buildings in the area.

“What will be seen will be a piece of high quality architecture.”

He adds: “The officers consider that the balance of planning tilts strongly in favor of this proposal.”

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The developer will have to agree to contribute to sustainable health facilities and transport infrastructure in the region before the plans are implemented.

Councilors will vote on the proposals at Thursday’s meeting.

Beyond the Box has also revealed plans to build another 300 student apartments on the banks of the River Colne at Colne Quay.

Alumno is also set to build 336 student apartments in downtown Queen Street while Host opened its 252-room student development on Magdalen Street last year.

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