PLANS for the construction of a new apartment block on an old salvage yard have been approved.

Dursemoor Properties has applied for a building permit to construct a nine-apartment block in the former Colchester Reclaim house on Hawkins Road, Hythe.

The apartments will be created in two blocks of five or six floors each.

They will be a mix of three-bed and two-bed apartments.

A parking lot will be created under the properties.

Planning permission for a similar project of eight apartments that we approved last year.

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A planning report, prepared by McLean Architectural, said: “The project proposes that the entire site be for residential use, with the nine apartments surrounding a common courtyard and provided with private amenity space, making good use of the land available for development.

“The proposed project is available now, a suitable location and a feasible site for residential development, therefore it is deliverable and the applicant is happy to confirm that construction can begin in the short term, as soon as the new building permit is granted. . ”

Colchester Council has now approved the final plans for the nine apartments.

Colchester Reclaim moved to Tiptree after approval of the initial planning request in March 2020.

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