The agreement covers all eight ships on the route

The main Channel ferry operators, P&O Ferries and DFDS, have entered into a charter agreement to make cargo space available on their Dover-Calais vessels, in the hope of maintaining customer service levels on the road and ensure its resilience.

Under the space charter contract, freight drivers can arrive at the port of Dover or the port of Calais and board the next available boat, whether the ferry is operated by P&O or DFDS.

David Stretch, Managing Director of P&O Ferries, said: “After the pandemic, during which we did all we could to keep essential goods moving in times of national crisis, the best way to ensure that we can continuing to operate vital freight services on Dover-Calais will build on our relationship with DFDS and conclude this space charter agreement.

“This will ensure the continued resilience of the main UK-EU trade route on which thousands of businesses and millions of consumers rely. It will also help maintain service levels for our customers by reducing the time drivers spend waiting in ports, giving them access to a departure every 36 minutes and reducing door-to-door travel times by approximately 30 minutes. “

From this summer, the agreement covers the eight ships on the Dover-Calais route, which is the busiest route for trade between Britain and the EU.

Vessels include P&O owned Spirit of Brittany, Spirit of France, Canterbury Pride, Pride of Kent and Pride of Burgundy and the DFDS property Flanders Coast, Coast of the Dunes and Calais seaways.


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