Hate crime meeting at Ramsgate Salvation Army

Two meetings were held to discuss crime – including hate crime – and policing in Ramsgate.

Residents of Ramsgate joined Kent Police and other groups at a community engagement event to discuss hate crime and related issues on June 30.

Charity CST (Community Security Trust) joined the force’s Thanet Community Security Unit at the event at the Salvation Army on the town’s high street.

Attendees included representatives from various groups, including the Salvation Army, Margate Mosque, Rabbi Cliff Cohen and Ramsgate Mayor Raushan Ara.

Thanet Community Liaison Officer Daiga Jansone, one of the organizers of the event, said: “Events like this allow us to hear from a wide range of groups and listen to their concerns about the security and crime.

“It is always a pleasure to receive information and work alongside CST, which is a charity dedicated to providing not only the Jewish community, but all faiths and diverse communities, with vital safety advice and security advice.

“It was a productive and engaging event that highlighted some important and timely safety elements, but also key messages and information about hate crimes, including their complexities and how they can affect communities. .”

Ramsgate Mayor Raushan Ara thanked everyone present for their contribution.

She added: ‘The event was very helpful and made it clear that suspicious activity should be reported to the police to give them as much information as possible on which to act.

“Thank you to Carl Whitewood of the Salvation Army Ramsgate for allowing us to use the Salvation Army Citadel as a venue and thanks also to those who provided food.”

Ramsgate City Council Police Meeting

The rally followed a meeting earlier in June organized by Ramsgate City Council to discuss crime and policing in the city.

The purpose of the meeting was to learn more about the current management of policing and community safety in Ramsgate, the resources available and how this could be improved.

The meeting was chaired by Cllr Steve Albon, and attended by City Council members, Samantha Wheatley – Senior Social Worker attending on behalf of MP Craig Mackinlay; Chief Inspector Matthew Smith; Sergeant Jim Woodward; council leader Ash Ashbee; Council Officer Jo-Anna Taylor and County Councilor Trevor Shonk.

Ch Insp Smith (pictured) told the meeting that sometimes officers are required to take those arrested or those in mental health crisis to hospital. The presence of the police is required because of the powers they have to detain people in such circumstances. These tasks can affect agent availability and can sometimes take several hours.

The use of “My Community Voice” was encouraged and councilors were told that there is a multi-agency meeting just to discuss crime and safety in Ramsgate which takes place every two months.

It has also been confirmed that additional CCTV has been approved for Ramsgate and is awaiting installation.

The meeting also learned that when there is a significant/recurring problem, the police can ‘tender’ for additional resources and that police personnel are also borderless so officers in Dover/Canterbury/Folkestone can respond to emergencies in Ramsgate.

Cllr Albon, Chairman of Ramsgate City Council, said: ‘Community safety has been a long-standing concern for Ramsgate City Council, and in April this year I was contacted by various residents who were particularly upset about offenses that had happened to them, their families and the community.

“The municipal council supported my motion to organize this meeting and I am happy with the stakeholders who were able to attend, of course it would have been ideal if the MP had been available, but we thank him for sending a representative.

“It was not meant to be a meeting where the police were criticized, we are grateful for what the local officers are doing, and it was interesting to find out how the police are managed. Of course, more resources are needed and I hope everyone present will push for more funding and resources at every opportunity.

Cllr Ashbee added: “Feeling safe is something our residents constantly tell us is important when we ask them what matters most in making Thanet a good place to live. We are working on a number of new campaigns and initiatives through our work with the Thanet Community Safety Partnership to help improve people’s sense of safety in the district.

“It was a valuable opportunity to attend the meeting hosted by Ramsgate City Council to be able to share the work we and other lead agencies are doing, but also to explore other ways of working together in the future. “

It has been agreed that there will be a push for additional police resources in Ramsgate and ward councilors will attend walks with PCSOs to familiarize themselves with the issues.

The group will meet again in six months.

For more information on hate crimes, click here.

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