Everyone slams their choice of words for politician Mayawati. And now his Sarbjit co-star Richa Chadha has also slammed him by calling his Mayawati joke filthy, tasteless and sexist.

Swara Bhasker questions Union Minister Prakash Javadekar's statement on India to be fully vaccinated by December 2021

Swara Bhasker is one of those actresses who never mince words. She is known to give her opinion without fear of judgments and right now our country is facing the second wave of COVID 19. Everyone is doing their best to get vaccinated but looking at the population of our country it seems a bit difficult. but I hope it is not impossible.


Neena Gupta may be in the best phase of her career. She’s thrilled to be a part of an era when roles are written for actors her age.

Apple tv

Jennifer Aniston is still known as Rachel Green. Her fans live, eat and breathe the FRIENDS show. This Rachel Green character made her what she is today. But wait, did you know that a producer told her that FRIENDS how couldn’t make her a star?

Sonu Sood is considered a god by many because he has gone out of his way to help people fight the pandemic. He shared on social media how many requests he receives daily and how he tries to give the best of himself every minute.

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