Salesforce Announces a Enhanced Commitment to its Power of Us Program with more free and discounted implementation products and services, as well as additional self-learning opportunities for nonprofits and institutions. education.

Powerful CRM technology doesn’t just belong to the business community – it belongs to everyone.

Salesforce has a long-standing commitment to ensuring that the best CRM technology is available free or at low cost to qualifying nonprofits, schools, universities, and colleges. Over the past 22 years, through the Power of Us program and as part of the 1: 1: 1 model, Salesforce has offered nonprofits and educational institutions 10 free licenses, data models of the industry like Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and other promotional products.

In fiscal year 2021 alone, this multi-pronged approach totaled more than $ 1.45 billion in technology giving and pro bono support to nonprofits around the world.

Democratize access to technology with enhanced commitment

Today, Salesforce announced that it will reinforce that commitment with easier access, additional discounted implementation products and services, and even more self-learning opportunities for non-profit organizations. lucrative and educational eligible:

New and existing eligible users can access more discounted and free implementation products and services through a new Power of Us PortAland improving the program application process.

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New Power of Us portal

At no upfront cost, eligible organizations can also access Raise *, Salesforce’s digital fundraising suite, to streamline their online donation management with integrated donation pages for payment processing.

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Frontend donation platform with Elevate

  • More affordable implementation services powered by Capsulee Services, and limited coaching allows eligible organizations in North America to get started with Elevate and other products.

  • Non-profit organizations and educational institutions can develop their skills through additional self-study paths with 80 modules and projects developed by available on Trailhead.

  • And with free and discounted access to the NPSP, qualifying nonprofits can use the data to understand, personalize, and engage their constituents at scale.

“We know that access to technology can be one of the best tools for change; a way for nonprofits and educational institutions to fundamentally change the way they advance their missions, ”said David Ragones, SVP and Managing Director of Nonprofit Cloud. “Adding these new features to the Power of Us program is a step forward in removing barriers and creating a stronger, more equitable platform to help fuel the community purpose of ”

Reinventing farming systems to tackle rising rates of food insecurity

UC Davis Food Pantry (The Pantry) – a participant in the Power of Us program – is one of many organizations that have transformed their impact with increased access to technology during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even before the pandemic, many UC Davis students struggled to buy food, with more than 40% of students food insecure. When the pandemic struck, the problems only worsened, forcing many students to make the difficult decision between paying for tuition or food.

“We quickly realized that in order to meet the demands of the students, we needed to improve the management and tracking of inventory at The Pantry,” said Bryce Jacobs, a student at UC Davis and head of technical projects at The Pantry. “It meant moving to a fully digital solution so The Pantry could understand in real time what we needed, how much, and when. ”

Working with a team of Volunteer Salesforce volunteers and as part of the Power of Us Technology Giving Program, a group of students created an inventory management system with the Nonprofit Success Pack, allowing The Pantry to meet the challenges better than ever.

After implementing the solution in September 2020, The Pantry also added hygiene products to its inventory and developed an online ordering platform so that students can purchase items in advance.

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UC Davis Campus Pantry

Improving fundraising capacities to help homeless families

Another Power of Us organization, LA Family Housing (LAFH), has seen an increase in demand for housing during the pandemic. The local community quickly responded to growing needs, doubling donations in 2020. But soon after, LAFH’s gift processing team was overwhelmed with manual entries and couldn’t keep up with incoming donations.

LAFH needed to adapt its support services – and quickly.

“Although we had already started to digitize our processes before the pandemic, we knew our current model was not sustainable to support current donation rates,” said Lelan Fernando, individual donation manager for LAFH. “We have decided to integrate Elevate with our existing solutions made available through the Power of Us program. The integration of these products has allowed us to harness the energy of our donors – where we have raised over a million dollars in one virtual fundraiser – and to channel towards the causes our community desperately needs. ”

Upgrade manual processes to reduce isolation

Age UK and its network of affiliated chapters is a non-profit organization that provides older people with health services, well-being support and a community they can count on.

While the pandemic has left many people in severe levels of isolation, the Age UK community has been disproportionately affected due to social distancing and lockdowns. Age UK Hythe & Lyminge, a regional subsidiary of Age UK, quickly realized that they needed a digital system to stay in touch with their community and meet their needs.

With the Power of Us program and Salesforce Pro Bono, Age UK Hythe & Lyminge deployed a suite of Salesforce solutions to centralize contact details from lists provided by local health centers, create a flow-based script for volunteers can make calls and automate task tracking and effectively report information to stakeholders.

“By automating many of our manual processes, our volunteers were able to make 18,000 wellness check-ups to isolated seniors at the height of the pandemic,” said Cleo Smith, CEO of Age UK Hythe & Leminge . “Technology has allowed us to meet the needs of the community and to evolve in ways that we could not have imagined before.”

Breaking down the barriers of technology

From tackling zero hunger to creating a place to call home for everyone, technology can help nonprofits and educational institutions make change every day.

UC Davis Food Pantry, LA Family Housing and Age UK are just a few examples of what happens when power shifts from the few to the many, breaking down critical barriers to access.

With newly expanded access to the Power of Us program, aims to work side-by-side with organizations to deepen its impact in the nonprofit community and education for the next 20 years (and beyond. ).

Register now for the Power of Us program and explore how equal access to technology can propel nonprofits.

* Elevate Power of Us edition is only eligible for US customers. Transaction fees are based on the amount of funds raised, unless the donor chooses to offset them through the donor cover feature.

Organizations outside the United States have the power to Ecosystem.

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