By James Brizuela | Published

There’s no better social media presence than that of the hit Amazon Prime Video series, The boys. The social media channel on Twitter talks about Vought International as if the company exists in real life. Additionally, the page also features some great behind-the-scenes photos. More recently there have been some good updates on The boys Season 4. The most recent is that of A-Train. However, A-Train appears to be completely covered in blood. Why is he covered in blood? It’s a question that will certainly be answered when the series returns. You can see the graphic teaser below:

The last time we saw A-Train covered in blood was when he ran through Hughie’s girlfriend, Robin. However, it was in the first season of the series. The photo above claims he’s taking a splatter painting class. We see what they did there. A-Train had heart problems after he started abusing Compound-V, which is the drug that essentially creates superheroes. So we don’t know if his heart is where he can run like before. A-Train dragged Blue Hawk down until he was wiped out, but that might not be why he’s covered in blood either. We could see a new and improved A-Train in The boys Season 4. It seemed like he had found his heart back to the shape it had before.

The boys Season 4 is going to include a whole new team that will have a lot fewer members. Starlight is now seen as something of a traitor, and she’s apparently already been removed from the mural of the seven. The same can be said for Queen Maeve, as she basically faked her death. She lost her powers after stopping Soldier Boy, so it’s unclear if she’ll return at some point in the new season. With this new team, we could see A-Train playing a more active role. This could include other murders, as he is completely covered in blood in the photo above.

The boys became one of the best adaptations and most popular shows on Amazon Prime Video. The boys Season 4 was approved in June and production is in full swing. We could predict that the show will be renewed for a fifth season quite soon. Everyone wants to see Billy Butcher go back there with Homelander. We don’t know if Soldier Boy will have a role in the new season, but we can all be happy that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was recently cast. We just don’t know who he will play against.

The boys Season 4 likely won’t premiere on Amazon Prime Video until mid-2023. It usually takes about a year from the start of production until the show airs. We hope to see the return of everyone’s favorite deranged superheroes and superhero hunters sooner rather than later.