GREAT News in the case of the maniacs who stole Lady Gaga’s beloved Frenchies and shot her dogwalker in the process: they’re finally under arrest! TMZ reports that five people are in custody in connection with the February incident. Los Angeles Police have reportedly confirmed the arrests, but have yet to release further details. But TMZ says they face multiple charges, including attempted murder and robbery. And are we surprised that the woman who allegedly “found” the dogs was among those arrested?I do not think so.

Let’s talk COUPLE GOALS! Dwayne Wade is making us a little sticky about what he says is the secret to his success with his wife Gabrielle Union. A second marriage for both, each admits they knew they had to do better the second time around. SHE says it’s about humbling yourself and meeting in the middle. But for Dwyane’s part? He recounts the quote from “People” – “It’s not my job to change who she is, it’s my job to be a part of evolution … there are times when I have to lead, times. where I have to take a step back and times when we are side by side.And I know when to shut up! “Honestly, sometimes that’s all we WANT …. LOL

SIDENOTE- They are a wonderful couple …

Let’s face it, ladies … becoming a stepdaughter can be stressful for anyone, but what if Victoria Beckham is going to be your stepmom ?! Yikes! Good, maybe not. Former Spice Girl turned designer has revealed that future daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz (she’s engaged to Brooklyn Beckham, don’t forget) is apparently raiding her closet! In a post she shared on Insta, we see a blurry photo of the model in a bustier. Mama Beckham writes: “Looks like the future Mrs. Beckham is in my wardrobe again! But you are forgiven because I love this VB bustier on you.Jealous!

So, we’ve all been waiting for the new season of “Real Housewives of New York” to drop … and already it looks like we’re getting a little bit of dirt. We’re not quite sure what she means, but returning housewife Heather Thomson says she was assaulted during the show … and appears to be pointing fingers at Leah McSweeney. She doesn’t go into specifics, but no one has been arrested and we know how much this franchise likes to capitalize on dirty deeds, right? Speaking of which – in Salt Lake City, Jen Shah has resumed filming the second season … even though she faces federal fraud charges! Put it all together and BRAVO is clearly going overtime to make sure we get along. I will be!

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