Captain Kane Rowland says Sittingbourne supporters are by far the best he has ever known.

Rowland, named skipper by manager Darren Blackburn over the summer, is driven to succeed by his affection for the club and its fans.

Sittingbourne striker Kane Rowland Photo: Ken Medwyn

The forward played for Whitstable, Folkestone and Ramsgate, but it was the Brickies loyalists who made the biggest impression.

“I really enjoyed having the captain position, it was a pleasure to offer it to me,” said Rowland.

“Darren has been a really good manager for me, he’s such a nice guy and very honest too.

“It’s a brilliant club, one of the best I’ve been to, and the fans are by far the best I’ve known.

“You want to perform well for them. This is not just any old club where you play football, there is much more to it.

“This is my second time coming here and I don’t know how many appearances I’ve made but it must be close to treble numbers.”

As is often the case with armband-wearing forwards, Rowland – the club’s golden shoe winner on his first stint at Woodstock – is no grumbler.

He is thoughtful in his approach and lets his football do the talking.

“It doesn’t change things too much but, at the same time, it’s a big responsibility,” he said.

“There are a lot of other experienced players out there, which helps, people like George Crimmen, Nick Treadwell and Freeman Rogers, and you want leaders across the team.

“I sort of set an example by working hard, I’m not really a crier.

“I like everyone to stay positive, you don’t want to complain, that’s more of an encouragement.”

Sittingbourne missed a third straight win when they lost 2-1 to Hythe on Tuesday last week.

Brickies captain Kane Rowlands likes to lead by example Photo: Ken Medwyn
Brickies captain Kane Rowlands likes to lead by example Photo: Ken Medwyn

But it’s an encouraging start for the Brickies, who sit seventh in Southeast Isthmus ahead of their home game against Phoenix on Saturday.

Rowland isn’t there for the season, but Johan Caney-Bryan and Ahmed Abdulla lead the scorers’ standings with four apiece.

“It’s good to see the others score,” said Rowland. “That’s what you need if you want to have a successful season.

“Johan plays really well and I like playing with him, Abs too, he’s a good character and a very good addition.

“We probably have a little more experience in the team this year, but there are still a few young boys.

“Hopefully we can be more consistent than usual and be in that top half and maybe with a shout out of the play-offs.

“Sittingbourne are still considered a bottom half team and it would be really good if we could change that.”

The Brickies are set to benefit from a new stadium if development at Highsted Park continues.

They put their weight behind the proposals and Rowland said, “It’s a huge thing right now.

“It was in the news a lot and it would be huge for the club if that happened. That would put Sittingbourne on the map.

“I think it would bring more young players to the club, which you won’t see the effects of right away, but down the line there will be a lot more breakthroughs in the first team.

“There are so many clubs in the area competing for the same players, it’s always easier if you can bring your own players through.”

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