KOLKATA: The SSKM hospital will soon be operating a 3D endoscopy machine in its ENT department, opening up a new horizon in the field of medical science.

One of the most advanced machines worth around Rs 65 lakh, it would provide better quality health services to patients in the hospital’s ENT department.

This is the first time that a 3D endoscopy machine has been used in a government facility.

The new machine has already been used experimentally in two surgeries.

However, the full operation of the machine has not yet started. This will help doctors immensely by giving them a clear picture of the areas where an operation is due. The 3D endoscopy machine is equipped with two cameras and they would provide more vivid images. According to sources, previously the endoscopy machine used to bring images of the ears, nose or throat to where there was a problem. Doctors used to do surgery by seeing the pictures on the monitor. But now doctors will get 3D images while wearing glasses and can have clear images of the organs they would operate on. A senior hospital official said patients would now benefit from more advanced treatment and risk factors during the operation would be minimized.


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