GET-TOUGH council bosses are set to crack down on alcohol and drug-related anti-social behavior in popular public parks.

Maldon District Council is seeking feedback on proposals to make open spaces safer for everyone to enjoy.

Council wants to hear from residents and visitors in an effort to ensure park users drink alcohol responsibly and do not behave in a way that bothers others.

The proposal would also ban the possession or use of illicit drugs or psychoactive substances – so-called nitrous oxide or “our” cannisters.

The council has received complaints of this type of anti-social behavior in open spaces and now wants to introduce a public space protection order, or PSPO, for parts of Maldon and Burnham.

The powers would give council staff the power to challenge bad behavior with regard to alcohol and illicit drugs in these areas and to fine those who act irresponsibly.

If agreed, the PSPO would cover Promenade Park and Hythe Quay in Maldon, Riverside Park in Burnham and adjacent roads in both cities.

Orders will be in place for three years if they get the green light.

Anyone who does not comply with the order faces a fine.

Head of Council Wendy Stamp said, “We want everyone to enjoy the open spaces in our neighborhood.

“However, seeing someone behave badly because they have drunk too much or taken an illegal substance can be very distressing, especially for children.

“We want to make sure that doesn’t happen, so introducing this PSPO now will help us root out anti-social behavior by making sure our parks are safe to enjoy when we can all get out and back.

“Before we can introduce it, we need to be sure that this proposal has support.”

The council calls on people to have their say by going to

Ms Stamp said: “It will only take a few moments to complete the questionnaire and your comments will be invaluable in helping us keep the parks safe for everyone to enjoy.”

The consultation deadline is July 4, 2021.

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