Teenagers were seen jumping barriers to cross a dangerous road following an underpass flooding.

The Townshall Street Underground in Dover was left under four or five inches of water after heavy rain this weekend.

Dover resident Kevin Clark noticed the underpass was flooded on Sunday. Photo: Kevin Clark

Resident Kevin Clark says the problem is long-standing.

“It flooded many times,” he said.

“I would say it was about four to five inches deep with water on Sunday.

“I had to take an alternate route to get to the other side.

“Before descending into the underpass I noticed four teenagers jumping the A20 ramps across the road to the town side – I thought it was extremely dangerous.”

A Dover District Council spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of the situation and are in communication with the National Highways who are responsible for maintaining the Underground.

Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of the death of 13-year-old Mya Lawrence, who was hit by a car on Whitfield Hill in Dover last October.

The teenager had decided to cross the road rather than use a dimly lit underpass.

His family is now asking for a new footbridge to improve pedestrian safety.