TEHRAN – All cinemas in Tehran were closed again within a week of reopening, following an increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus.

Last week, the national headquarters for the fight against the coronavirus authorized cinemas and artistic and cultural centers to reopen and continue their activities.

However, according to Monday’s announcement, the situation in Tehran is extremely serious and the Iranian capital is now in the “red” zone.

Therefore, all arts and culture centers and cinemas are being forced to shut down preventively amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak, as the transmission of the disease in Tehran is of great concern.

The Department of Health ranked districts based on the rate of coronavirus infections, with red being high risk, orange being medium, while yellow being low risk and blue being the least.

The country has closed and reopened all artistic and cultural centers, museums, historic sites, universities, schools, seminars, English schools, libraries, cinemas, museums, mosques, beauty salons and several other entities since last February due to the Pandemic by covid19.

Last August, Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Abbas Salehi said the coronavirus outbreak in Iran had caused an estimated loss of over 10,000 billion rials (around $ 45.5 million , based on the free market rate) in the arts and culture sectors as of April 19. the end of the first month of the Iranian calendar year.

“For example, the Tehran International Book Fair had an estimated sale of 1.2 trillion to 1.3 trillion rials (about $ 5.5 to $ 6 million) last year. In the film industry, sales amounted to around 3 trillion rials (over $ 13.6 million), ”he said.

Salehi said, “We also suffered a great loss in visual arts, music and theater, that is, around 120 theaters were closed just in Tehran. The same has been true in other cities.

He added that the insurance for the members of the Art Credit Fund, which amounted to 350 billion rials (about 1.6 million dollars), was paid and, on the basis of a law approved by the national headquarters for coronavirus control, interested candidates can register for an establishment.

The Minister of Culture further noted that a sum of 120 billion rials (approximately $ 5.5 million) would be paid to members of the Art Credit Fund as a livelihood aid, while 2000 billion rials (over $ 9 million) would also be disbursed in the form of loans to artists and owners of cultural venues.

The Iranian Theater Owners Association has called on President Hassan Rouhani to lift the coronavirus restriction on cinemas, calling for the reopening of cinemas across the country based on health protocols during the pandemic last May.


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