“Big Bend National Park”, by Topher Straus, sublimated on aluminum, Vail International Gallery.
Courtesy Image

After a successful month-long run, Colorado artist Topher Straus returns to Vail. He will be at the Vail International Gallery on Saturday from 3-6 p.m. for a closing night for his solo exhibition “The Parks.”

Straus’ exhibition “The Parks” is, to date, the largest solo exhibition of his work ever, featuring over 30 of his original digital prints, many of which feature US national parks. After the close of the exhibition, many of the works on display will be dismantled and shipped, so the reception represents the last and best opportunity to see the widest presentation of Straus’s work and to meet the artist.

Topher’s process begins with a photo, often one of personal outdoor experience, or a compelling reference image from which he bases his work. Using a computer and a stylus, he paints virtually on the photo, each virtual paint stroke with the stylus requires specific and deliberate concentration, as he intuitively selects from endless color options, just like the would make a traditional oil painter.

When the composition is finished, a file with the image is sent to the printer who sublimates the painting on an aluminum sheet. The sublimation process bonds the dye to the aluminum at the molecular level, creating archival quality artwork that is ready to hang.

Topher’s art is receiving much recognition, including a collaboration with Marriott Luxury Collection Hotels’ which recently opened the “Topher Straus Art Walk” at the new Hythe Hotel in Vail.

“Topher Straus’ compositions combine technology and art, invigorating our view of the American landscape as we move forward into the 21st century,” said Vail International Gallery co-owner Marc LeVarn.

The Vail International Gallery opened in 2005 and over the past 16 years has hosted numerous exhibitions by regional and international artists. The gallery has exhibited at national art fairs including Art Aspen and SCOPE Miami Beach. For more information, visit the gallery’s website at VailGallery.com or contact the gallery at (970) 476-2525 or [email protected].