Harrison Walker and Jayden Jones-McGilvray were among three men who stole nine vehicles in the area in September 2020, before being found at a holiday park and arrested by Kent police.

After guilty pleas in earlier hearings, Jones-McGilvray, formerly of Sheridan Road, Richmond, Surrey, was jailed for three years and 10 months on charges of conspiracy to burglary and conspiracy to steal.

Walker, of Whatley Avenue, Wimbledon, south London, was jailed for four years and two months on the same counts, plus additional counts of concealment of stolen property and driving offenses committed in January 2021.

An investigation by the Kent Police Chief Constable’s Criminal Squad has linked Walker, Jones-McGilvray and another man, George Paton, to a series of burglaries in the same area:

  • A Peugeot pickup truck and a BMW were taken after a house in Harbor Way, Folkestone was broken into on the night of September 8, 2020, with a Mini stolen from Althelstan Road the same way the following night.

  • On the night of September 10, an owner disturbed intruders at a property in Hythe, before a Daihatsu was stolen following a separate burglary in Thanet Gardens, Folkestone.

  • On the night of September 25, a Nissan was stolen outside a property in Marine Avenue, Dymchurch and an Audi was stolen from Lake Drive, Hythe. Both thefts took place after the home owner’s house was robbed.

  • A moped was stolen from New Lydd Road, Camber, between September 26 and September 27.

  • A VW and a Ford van were stolen from a property in Lydd between September 27 and September 28.

The Ford van from the latest burglary was found in Camber and a Kent police officer who went to investigate obtained CCTV showing three men in the van.

Further investigations led to the discovery of CCTV footage showing the men entering a nearby holiday park. Officers obtained the men’s room number and the trio were arrested.

Analysis of their phones uncovered videos of them in cars stolen from the thefts, which they posted on social media, leading to their indictment on September 29.

On January 31 of this year, Folkestone officers attempted to stop a suspiciously driven Skoda in Gloucester Place.

The car then backed up onto an unmarked police vehicle, which had to swerve to avoid it. The occupants of the Skoda, later found to have been stolen in southwest London, attempted to flee, but the driver, Harrison Walker, was arrested.

He was charged with other charges of handling stolen goods, dangerous driving and other driving offenses on February 1 of this year.

Detective Constable Kirsty Gee, of Kent Police Chief’s Criminal Squad, said: ‘Officers understand the often long-term impact of burglaries on people’s lives and are determined to fully investigate to translate the accountable to the courts.

“These offenders were relentless in the number of homes they targeted and the number of vehicles they stole, each of which would have had an impact on the owners’ daily lives.

“I am glad that this thorough investigation has seen these two men imprisoned and that they will no longer be able to cause problems for the people of East Kent.”

Walker, 20, and Jones-McGilvray, 21, were sentenced on September 23, 2021. George Paton, 20, will be sentenced at a later date.

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