Here in Kent we are fortunate to have wonderful examples of architecture nestled throughout the county.

Canterbury Cathedral is arguably the most obvious, but who can forget The Peter Cushing Wetherspoons in Whitstable?

However, at the same time there are a number of ugly buildings across the county that can just ruin your day.

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Last September we asked you KentLive readers to name your most hated buildings and you didn’t do anything.

What do you think are the ugliest buildings in Kent? Let us know in the comments below

It seems it’s the hotels in Kent that are really turning your gears with two of the most hideous examples taking two of the top three spots.

The sad, gray exterior of Arlington House television, Margate, is still the object of most people’s fury.

But it was very tight between that and the riverside Travelodge in Maidstone, which looks suspiciously like zap popsicles from my childhood.

In third place we have The Grand Burstin in Folkestone. One of those buildings that looks more like a Channel ferry.

However, it won’t be coming out of Kent’s three most hated buildings anytime soon.

Some newer constructions have also made the cut, notably the multi-story Bourne Place car park in Sittingbourne and the new multi-story F1 skatepark in Folkestone is not proving to be popular.

See below for the full list.

Arlington House – Margate

Arlington House is a huge 18-story building

The concrete horror of 142 apartments increased in 1964.

The weather has not been kind to the beast and it now appears to be in a sorry state, but at the time it would have been considered futuristic.

Elisabetta d’lppolito commented: “I always hated this stuff.

“Clings on and ruins the landscape.”

But it seems Arlington doesn’t offend everyone and Susan Murray said she really liked the building, saying “everyone their own salvation”.

A fire on the 16th floor in 2001 that resulted in the death of one man and the transport of 13 others to hospital resulted in the loss of gas supply to the tower.

Travelodge – Maidstone

The colorful Travelodge hated by many
The colorful Travelodge hated by many

This £ 4.2million monstrosity overlooking the River Medway was opened by Ann Widdecombe in February 2010.

Theresa Jane takes pity on those who have to watch the thing, saying: “When you can see the Travelodge where you live in, it is a horror, especially when there is the beautiful St. Peter’s Church on the other side. of the road.”

Steps were taken in 2015 to tackle the rust problem on its steel walls following a campaign by Councilor Dan Daley.

The Travelodge is almost as unpopular as the Arlington house today.

Grand Burstin Hotel – Folkestone

The Grand Burstin Hotel has an average rating of 2.5 on TripAdvisor
The Grand Burstin Hotel has an average rating of 2.5 on TripAdvisor

Nicknamed “The Grand Bursting” and demonized as a “stain on the landscape” by others, The Grand Burstin is often found in the news.

However, overlooking Folkestone Harbor, the 550-room Grand Burstin Hotel offers spectacular sea views.

Construction of the Grand Burstin, built on the site where the Royal Pavilion Hotel once stood, began in 1975 and was completed in 1984.

The Contemporary Turner – Margate

Love him or hate him?  It's in the top five
Love him or hate him? It’s in the top five

It might come as a surprise that the Turner ended up voting so high, but he has as many detractors as he has admirers.

Opened on the waterfront in 2011, the Turner sparked the regeneration of the city and had a positive impact on the local community, involving them in artistic projects.

The city has become a magnet for artists who have built a thriving community.

Painter JMW Turner (1775-1851) inspired the name, and the light and airy building has hosted works by renowned artists such as Edward Hopper.

The poetry of TS Eliot, who wrote “The Waste Land” while locked in one of the shelters along the waterfront, was also on display.

Parking Bourne Place – Sittingbourne

The Bourne Place car park was not completed until 2019.

It’s part of the multi-million pound downtown redevelopment and it didn’t take long for this parking lot to catch the eye of unimpressed locals, who didn’t seem to like the curious design.

Panorama Building (Charter House) – Ashford

The building is also known as the Panorama
The building is also known as the Panorama

Proof that beauty sometimes resides within, the building that previously housed Charter House has undergone a huge redevelopment process to convert offices into luxury apartments.

Work originally began on the building in 1971, before Charter Consolidated moved employees in 1973.

After the company left Ashford in 1985, the three-shutter giant was not fully occupied until redevelopment began in 2013, with the first residents joining in 2016.

Heather House, Park Wood – Maidstone

Heather House is located in the heart of Park Wood in Maidstone.

Much to the relief of many, there might be plans to replace it.

Post Office Building – Faversham

Morris Dancers outside the Post Office building
Morris Dancers outside the Post Office building

Another of your most hated buildings is the square-looking Post Office on East Street.

It has distinctive side bricks on the sides of the walls which may not be to everyone’s liking.

Ashford Designer Outlet – Ashford

Ashford Designer Boutique
The point of sale has a circus quality

A popular shopping destination for many, but not such a popular building with KentLive readers.

The point of sale got a facelift in 2019, gaining a 100,000 square foot extension offering new stores.

However, these improvements did not escape him from making the list.

Canterbury Cathedral – Canterbury

A snow capped Canterbury Cathedral
A snow capped Canterbury Cathedral

Isn’t there always one?

As we move up the list, many buildings have been given a nomination each.

Does a KentLive reader really hate one of the most impressive structures in the country, or was it a joke? We would like to know!

Nayland Rock Hotel – Margate

The Nayland Rock Hotel has a spooky past
The Nayland Rock Hotel has a spooky past

Another entry for Margate, The Nayland scores 3.5 in its Tripadvisor rating.

However, if our readers were to rate the Nayland based on how it looks, they would likely give it a big rating.

During World War II, his cellar was used as a bomb shelter for impoverished people who had nowhere to go.

The cellar is also connected to an old tunnel used by former smugglers.

Amateur ghost hunters previously told KentLive that they believe the hotel is haunted.

The footbridge – Dover

The footbridge seen from the other side next to the A20 road towards the port
The footbridge seen from the other side next to the A20 road towards the port

Widely regarded as the ugliest building in Dover, now Burlington House is gone, residents of The Gateway came to defend their home saying they found it fantastic.

The huge building spans five blocks along Marine Parade, and its weathered facade can be seen from all angles along the waterfront.

Dating back to the 1950s, the apartments may not be as popular today and many onlookers see them as an eyesore.

The much-maligned Marine Parade apartments were the award-winning, subsequently modified design of Roger K Pullen, who won 100 guineas in 1953.

The Royal Commission on Fine Arts criticized the plans for the nine-story block, saying it would cut off the city of Dover from the sea.

The building, which cost around £ 1million, was completed in October 1959 and all apartments were occupied by January 1960.

Medway Magistrates’ Court – Chatham

Medway District Court
Medway Magistrates’ Court is not a spectator

Magistrates’ courts are rarely the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of magnificent monuments and Medway is no exception.

The tribunal deals with thousands of cases each year.

Showing up to answer a charge isn’t an opportunity most people would appreciate, and it isn’t enhanced by the flat, brown walls that greet people on the dock.