With vaccination mandates rolled out across the country to help curb the spread of COVID-19, it’s time to tackle the elephant in the room. Vaccination cards given out after your last vaccination are large and fragile. They can easily be ruined by folding them or stuffing them into wallets that are too small for their little corners. Hell, I managed to just barely saving mine from getting soaked in a spilled drink at a bar. It’s just paper!

So in an effort to keep formal proof that allows you to enter bars, restaurants and office buildings, I thought it might be time to find wallets and card holders to protect yours. .

The leather pocket wallet

It is my current portfolio and it turns out that it’s the perfect size to hold my vaccine firmly. The full zipper keeps everything secure, while inside there are slots for all your cards. The outside pocket is also perfect for storing your ID card.

Leather vaccination passport holder

If you want something a little more robust, this genuine leather wallet can also keep your passport safe while you travel. The two inside pockets are ideal for holding credit cards and your ID. Each wallet is hand sewn and you can even personalize it with an embossed lettering on the front.

Custom Decorated Vaccine Card Holder

Bringing back the nostalgic days of decorating binders and notebooks, these transparent plastic lids are fully customizable. Add a color scheme, your favorite animal, your name, and even your favorite quote or saying for more style.

CDC MultiPass Fifth Element Vaccine Card Holder

I couldn’t help but put this holder on the list because I had seen “Leeloo Dallas, Multipass” jokes all over TikTok and Instagram. Well here is your chance to live your Fifth element fantasies. You can’t deny how fun it would be to show off a novelty when asked for vaccine proof.

This pouch, while not necessarily a card holder or wallet, can be your all-in-one pandemic wallet. It can easily hold your vaccination card, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a mask or two. Throw it in whatever bag you take with you when you go and know you’ll be ready for anything.

Vaccination card holder key ring

If you’re still thinking of keeping things a bit simpler, this sleek, textured vinyl keyring is perfect. It has a swivel clasp, so you can attach it to bags and belt loops for easy access. Choose from brown or beige vinyl.

Bellroy Apex passport cover

You can also go big or go home when it comes to a wallet. Crafted in leather, this Bellroy RFID Wallet has space for your vaccine card, passport, credit cards, ID card and passport, as well as a slip pocket for cash. It also has a magnetic closure for added security.

Covid vaccination card holder

Then there is the classic plastic sleeve. While they’re not that exciting, they’ll do the trick to keep your card from getting destroyed. Get a 5-pack to give to friends and family – you can even buy your own sticker packs and decorate it yourself.

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