A car has been found flipped on its side and another with a damaged rear-view mirror after a series of vandalism took over a village on Halloween night.

Police were called at around 9.25pm ​​on Monday to a report of criminal damage to vehicles in Darenth, Dartford.

A car had its rear view mirror damaged on Court Road. Photo: Google Maps (60406427)

Officers drove to Ladywood Road, where a car was on its side, and to Court Road, where another vehicle sustained damage to its exterior mirror.

One of the owners, who did not want to be named, was enjoying a previously quiet evening with his wife, before hearing noise outside.

He said: “My wife and I were sitting at home and she heard movement outside. I think it was around 9pm on Halloween night, it was dark outside and the wind was blowing. We first thought that children were going to cheat or treat.

“We have a sensor light, which came on. So she came out to take a look and some young guys were walking past the house and said something to her.

“So she came back into the house, looked outside and saw them pushing a car away from our neighbor’s house about four doors down.

“My wife also turned to me and said ‘did you see what happened to our car?’ and that’s when I saw that our exterior mirror was broken.

“It’s all really frustrating, and that’s why I hope sharing what happened to us and at least five of our neighbors might help the police catch those responsible for all of this.”

Police said inquiries are ongoing into the circumstances and anyone with information is asked to call the hotline on 01474 366149, quoting reference 46/209924/22.