Osinflorarin takes the penalty Photo Martin Able

By Andy Mason, Pitchside Reporter

Ramsgate 2 Launch 1

31 Coyle 75 Jadama (og)

45 Osinflolarin

It was a cool fall day at the sunny WW Martin community stadium, with a strong breeze blowing from the airport end toward the city.

The Rams were entering this game after a midweek FA Trophy defeat at Littlehampton, very few Rams fans were able to make the midweek trek which was around 6 hours round trip. They were certainly hoping for an improved performance this game to maintain their championship run unbeaten.

Everything was ready for the kick-off with a moment of reflection, before a catchy God save the King.

The first half was in progress with the Rams kicking towards the end of the airport and into the wind, a fairly slow start on both sides with no goalmouth action, Lee Hook in the Ramsgate goal to a 43-year-old would be delighted to have little to do.

The 15th and Ajayi snuck in but were stopped just short of being shot. The 19th and the Rams were forced into an early sub as Aboagye got injured, Emptage came on. The first shot of the game was on target from Jadama, easily caught by Secka in the Lancing goal.

On 24 and a Rams cross from wide left from Osinfolarin was held up by the wind for an easy recovery by goalkeeper Secka. The 25th and the first corner of the game for Lancing, the center arrives but too high for the attack of Lancing which arrives.

The 31st and the Rams attack, a cross from Peck, led by Jadama, the ball falls on Coyle to shoot home and give the Rams the lead. The 33rd and a long throw from Lancing cleared for a long-range shot well over Hook’s crossbar. The 34th and the Rams forced the game a little more. In the 39th, a replacement for Lancing while Veneti, their dangerman, is injured and Bayoko enters.

Rams used the left throughout the first half for their best attacks with excellent crosses into the danger zone from Hanfrey with a sweet left foot. On the 43rd Peck played, Jadama pivots and shoots forcing an excellent save from Secka. The 44th and the Rams pressed on the right as Legrange recklessly tackled inside the box, penalty for the Rams. Osinflorarin stepped in and fired under Secka to put Rams 2 in place just as we entered halftime.

Underway in the second half, the Rams had the wind at their back. The 52nd sees intricate work from Peck in front of goal, his shot deflected so Secka can easily catch. The 53rd and Lancing under Powell left for Stephenson.

The Rams were back to back as they searched for another goal to seal the game. Lancing played some good football but they were missing the final ball from the start. 58th and great defensive work from Hanfrey as he took control at the back to block a Lancing attack. 60th and Lancing have a penalty appeal overturned and attack on the break with Ajayi working some magic on the right crossover, the Rams had a few attempts blocked.

67th and the Rams sub out, Peck for Redwood, as the Rams try to hold the advantage. Throwing the press in the 68th and Fuller fired forcing a big save from Hook who was called into action for the first time as the visitors chained the play.

In the 75th, Lancing pressed again, winning a dangerous free kick which was well defended by the Rams, although winning another free kick which he fired and unfortunately Jadama, in a clearance attempt, heads for his own goal.

Photo Martin Able

The 79th and the Rams under Jadama for Paxman. Hook entered the game as the Rams defended. Back-to-back fantastic saves keep the Rams ahead. 75th Rams made the break, Rowland fought for the ball wide on the right, broke through to fire into the side netting. The 88th and a big block from Coyle on the floor to hold onto the Rams lead. In the 90th hook again to the Rams save, saving low to his closest post. Rams cleared and drilled, Ajayi effortless in his finish.

End to end as Lancing looked for the equalizer, the Rams defended as Hanfrey entered behind the Lancing striker, giving Lancing a late penalty. 93rd and Fuller stepped up and Hook saved. The 94th and Hook have another good save to keep the Rams’ slim lead and take the 3 points, moving them up the board.


Ramsgate:- 1Lee Hook, 2Jerald Aboagye, 4Jamie Coyle, 7Callum Peck, 8Lee Prescott, 9Kane Rowland, 14Joshua Ajayi, 15Tom Hanfrey, 17Ben Fitchett, 18Theo Osinfolarin, 20Tijan Jadama


3Leon Redwood, 5Callum Emptage, 6Denzelle Olopade, 12Jack Paxman, 16Sammi Takalobighashi

Throw:- 1Alieu Secka, 2Jake Legrange, 3Mohamed Joumaa Zabadne, 4Finn Daniels-Yeomans, 5Thomas Butler, 6Marcus Allen, 7Marcel Powell, 8Darius Goldsmith, 9Louis Veneti, 10Billy Fuller 11Faris Khallouqi


12Sean Stephenson, 14Ben Bayoko, 15James Hatch, 16Ash Mutongerwa, 17Ben Hack

Presence: 612

Aries of the match: Lee Hook

Entertainment: 4*

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