As the disruption of the colonial pipeline raised fears of a fuel shortage on the east coast, misinformation about who was hoarding gas began to spread online.

On May 28, a video was shared on the Facebook page of Julius Dein, a street magician and artist who creates content on social media. It is titled “He Filled His Truck Bed With Gasoline” and shows a man at a gas station who appears to be filling his truck bed covered with a tarp with fuel.

But the message also says, “Thanks for watching! Be aware that this page features magical effects / illusions as well as scripted dramas and parodies. These shorts are for entertainment purposes only!

As the video was shared on social media without this disclaimer, it is not always clear that the video is being staged.

“The dude is trying to fill the entire pickup bed with fuel amid last month’s fuel shortage,” the headline of a June 7 blog post read.

The post shares the video on YouTube with the headline “Crazy Man Fills His Truck Bed With Gas!”

This post was reported as part of Facebook’s efforts to tackle fake news and disinformation on its news feed. (Learn more about our partnership with Facebook.)

We are evaluating the claims that the video is genuine False.

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