1. Vir Das is back in town! Angry people ask him which India has he returned from?


The actor was spotted by the Papzs at the international airport while returning from the United States with his wife Shivani Mathur. As soon as his video surfaced online, people started criticizing him and wondering why is he back in India?

2. Choreographer Siva Shankar dies due to Covid-19, Sonu Sood says “we did our best to save him”

Choreographer Siva Shankar dies from Covid-19, says Sonu Sood

Choreographer Ace Siva Shankar lost the battle against Covid-19 and breathed his last on Sunday night. Just before his death, doctors at the Hyderabad hospital where he was admitted reportedly declared him HIV-negative for Covid-19. He was 72 years old.

3. Kiara Advani wholeheartedly goes to the Tanzanian brothers and sisters for lip sync with Raataan Lambiyan

Kiara Advani is wholeheartedly for the Tanzanian brothers and sisters.  Lip sync with her song Raataan Lambiyan

The song is also very popular on the reels. And right now the Tanzanian siblings are getting a lot of attention because of the perfect lip sync on the song. They are so good that even Kiara Advani couldn’t help but comment on them. She shared the screenshot of the siblings singing the song and had her whole heart for them.

4. In the world of “free speech”, these comedians went to jail for making jokes

In the world of
india time

The following are threats, bullies, trolls and sometimes complaints from police and FIRs. Do you remember the AIB roast? Or what happened with Agrima Joshua and Kunal Kamra? In some cases, you could end up in jail.

5. 45 hotels have been reserved for Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s wedding, complaint report

Wedding of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal

An insider revealed to Etimes, “Yahan bahut saare features aane wale hain from December 7th. Salman ka bhi suna tha ki woh on december 9 ko aayenge lekin phir suna ki woh nahi aa rahe. Chalo ab dekhte hain kaun aayega aur kaun nahi (A lot of stars are going to arrive here from December 7. Salman Khan was also due to come on December 9, but now the word is he is not coming. Let’s see who is coming and who is not not coming.) ”