I am a climate voter.

It’s no secret that the extremists who now control the Republican Party vehemently oppose ending our reliance on fossil fuels, the main culprits of the climate crisis. Even before Donald Trump’s rise to power, the diplomats who forged the Paris Accords cited the US Republican Party as the world’s most serious obstacle to climate progress.

There are few publications as deeply respected and non-partisan as Scientific American, and they too have singled out the Republican Party as the main obstacle to any serious global progress on slowing climate catastrophe. This is why these agreements were not a binding treaty – they knew it would never be ratified by the US Senate.

When Trump won in 2016, I knew the only way to make progress on climate was to defeat the Republicans. I joined a new organization, Swing Left, and helped organize its first campaign to win back the United States House of Representatives. In 2018, with many thousands of other volunteers, we did it, and two years later we saw Trump defeated. But in Trump’s four years, he and his allies have done everything they can to scuttle climate action. This included stacking federal courts — at every level, from the appellate district to the U.S. Supreme Court — with far-right “conservatives” who would block government efforts to prevent climate catastrophe. .

We are still catching up, even with the passage of the Biden administration’s Cut Inflation Act, which contains the biggest climate legislation in decades. And Republicans are now saying they will block all of Biden’s agendas if they retake Congress in the upcoming midterm elections. Worse still, they are threatening to take control of the electoral process itself in several pivotal states, which could end up returning the 2024 presidential election to their candidate – likely Donald Trump – regardless of the popular vote in those states. So what will happen to progress on climate action?

If you care about climate change – wildfires, super storms, droughts, floods, rising seas and climate refugees – please vote as if the life of the planet is on the ballot, because it is the case. If you live in a “safe” Democratic state, reach out to people you know in those states and encourage them to vote Democrat. Ask your friends around the world to support Democratic House candidates.

In the 2018 midterm elections, a huge turnout of voters concerned about Republican extremism gave us the votes to overthrow the House. Now is the time to keep Congress Democratic and start toppling Republican-dominated state governments. Save our democracy so we can save climate progress.

Michael Dover is a board member of Indivisible Northampton—Swing Left Western Massachusetts.