John Aniston, who starred in the two-part Star Trek: Voyager episode “Workforce” in 2001, has died aged 89.

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John Aniston as Quarren Ambassador to Star Trek: Voyager – Season 7, Episode 15, “Workforce”

John Aniston, who had to his credit the double component “Workforce” on Star Trek: Voyagerdied at the age of 89. The actor was much better known for his longtime role on the daytime soap days of our livesand as the father of Friends starring Jennifer Aniston. According to Deadline’s report, no cause of death has been released.

Jennifer Aniston has posted a touching tribute to her father on social media, calling him “one of the most beautiful humans” she has ever known. She included photos of John Aniston long before and long after his Star Trek appearance, starting with a shot of him holding his daughter as a baby. You can see the message below.

John Aniston appeared in the Star Trek: Voyager episode as Ambassador Quarren; a small but important role. “Workforce” has one of the series’ most interesting beginnings; with most of the main characters appearing on the planet Quarra, where they all seem to believe they are Quarren and have no memory of their life aboard Voyager. Chakotay (Robert Beltran) is one of the only main characters left aboard the ship, and his efforts to save his comrades are where Ambassador Quarren comes in.

Chakotay reaches out to the Quarren government and it’s John Aniston’s Star Trek character he’s talking to. The Ambassador assures Chakotay that the people he is looking for are all citizens of Quarren, and warns him against attempting to kidnap them.

When it’s finally revealed that Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and the others have been kidnapped and used as slave labor, John Aniston’s character boards the iconic Star Trek ship to apologize.

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John Aniston on days of our lives

Rather than Star Trek, it’s the fans of days of our lives deeply invested in the work of John Aniston for half a century. The late actor played Dr Eric Richards on the soap opera originally, but from 1985 he took on the role for which he would be known until and beyond his death – Victor Kiriakis, whom he starred in over 2800 episodes so far this year. As recently as June, Aniston received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Daytime Emmys.

In the same way days of our lives and Star Trek: VoyagerJohn Aniston’s career has featured appearances on TV shows like aerial wolf, Impossible mission, The west wing, My Fat Greek Life, Gilmore Girls, Mad Menand more.

John Aniston was born in Greece, on the island of Crete, and his family moved to the United States when he was just two years old. His first on-screen acting credit was in a 1962 episode of 87th district.