In the third year with this pandemic, we are all very scattered. No matter what industry you work in, we are all affected in one way or another. Last week, a friend of mine told me that her three children had come home from school. It wasn’t a snowy day and it wasn’t too cold outside for the kids to wait for the bus. The reason was that there were not enough teachers to work! It’s madness, madness I say!

Postal workers have been hit hard by Covid. Someone posted in The (a)Official City of Dover, NH Facebook page that the Dover Postal Service is SEVERELY understaffed.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Getty Images/iStockphoto

As of this writing, there are 7 routes in the city that do not have a carrier.

This is a friendly reminder to be nice to the carrier you see, as they’re probably working twice as hard to fill in the gaps.

A member of the group asked a very good question in the comments:

“With what’s going on, are we allowed to just go get our mail? Just curious.”

The answer? Sure! You can always request that they hold your mail at the post office.

We have seen this same problem time and time again during this pandemic. There may be a waitress waiting at each table in a restaurant AND preparing drinks behind the bar. You have two options. Option 1: you can be rude to her and give her a lousy tip because your beer took 15 minutes. Option 2: You could be kind and compassionate and realize that she’s just a human being trying her best. Option 2 will give you better karma, let’s just say.

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