A walk through Dover is sure to delight this time of year, especially along the edge of Berry Sweet Acreswhere acres of towering sunflower zinnias of every color are in bloom.

“Every day I come out here and more flowers open,” said Matt Parke, who planted them. “I take pictures and send them to my wife [and say] ‘Look how beautiful they are!’ And I’m not a flower guy.”

Berry Sweet Acres is the latest farm to jump on a growing trend. Strawberry growers plant flowers out of season and let customers come pick their own bouquets.

“I see everything from husbands picking up their wives, which is really sweet.” Matt’s wife, Candice, told FOX 13. “We have family days with a whole bunch of kids coming in. We have school kids at the house. We have a nice variety of people coming to visit us. visit.”

It’s $2 to get in and then the flowers are sold by the flower or by the bouquet.

Parks said it was a win-win situation: customers spend a day in the countryside and come home with beautiful flowers. Strawberry growers have the opportunity to generate income that they might not otherwise have.

Traditionally, growers plant what’s called a “cover crop” during the summer, then till it to fertilize the soil for the strawberry plants, which go up each fall.

It costs money.

Flowers bring in money.

“We’re not going to get gangbusters out of here and drive off in our Rolls-Royce, but we can pay for our seed,” Matt said.

In addition to picking flowers, people enjoy the cool, calm, and back-to-nature look of the fields.

For example, photographers use the farm as a filming location. A yoga teacher from Plant City will give classes there.

The vibe won’t last forever, but it’s nice while it lasts.

The plants should stop flowering in a few weeks.

For more information, visit https://www.berrysweetacres.com/.